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What To Do With a Drone?: 5 Things To Do Right Out of the Box

You just fell in love with that beautiful DJI Inspire or with the famous Phantom 2 Vision+; or maybe you want to start small with a HUBSAN X4 H107C. In any case, you have decided that is time to get your first drone, and the only thing holding you back is that you don’t really know what to do with a drone?

Lately we see every day a different article or news report about someone, somewhere using drones to escalate whatever activity they are doing: Farmers now use drones to check crops, activists keep tabs on endangered species, police departments might use them in rescue and hostage situations, lifesavers could be sending floats to swimmers in distress in the beaches of Chile.

Every day we learn a new way to improve our lives by using drones, but what would you do if you are not planning to save a whale on the verge of extinction? (shame on you by the way).

Family Time

What have made drones so popular in the last months is that the experience required to fly a drone is very small in comparison with the experience required to fly other recreational aerial vehicles. Modern drones require very little knowledge and the learning curve is really small. For this reason flying drones has become a family activity, something that could hardly happen when flying aeroplanes and other small recreational aircrafts.


Today drones come in all size and shapes. They also have a spectrum of amazing features, but beyond the technological miracles that drones displays nowadays, the most searched feature that recreational users look for is the camera. And manufacturers know this. Today you can buy a drone under $100 with a 2 MP camera or spend a few more hundred dollars and get a drone with a camera capable to record in full HD that puts your cellphone’s camera down to shame.

DJI S1000 Octacopter – Professional UAV Aerial Filming & Photography
DJI S1000 Octacopter – Professional UAV Aerial Filming & Photography


Even when battery life of current devices is short, chances are a full charge is enough to take an amazing look of your neighborhood from an angle you have never seen before and go to places you would never dare.


Amateur droners face off against each other in competition arenas, trying to kick each other out of the sky. Yes, Star Wars’ podracing is about to come true, on scale at least.

Helipal's Storm Racing Drone Type-A
Helipal’s Storm Racing Drone Type-A


So if you were wondering what to do with a drone, now you have the picture. You no longer need an excuse to buy your drone, and if you still need to convince somebody else besides you, I just gave you 5 solid, proven activities involving a your dream drone! Go ahead and win your wings.

If you have any other idea of fun, engaging drone activities, don’t be shy and share it on the comments!

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