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United Arab Emirates are Almost Ready to Rule

United Arab Emirates are almost ready to rule the use of drones. Yesterday the Director-General of Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), Dr. Jamal AL Sumaiti, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates are on their way to issue a set of rules aimed to regulate the use and selling of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones.

“The law will be aimed at regulating the use of drones/robotics for recreational, research, commercial or service purposes. It will also monitor their trade and prevent their use, particularly in the air, without prior approval from specialised authorities, that will be established to ensure aviation safety and security. The new law will represent a key milestone in a time when drone technologies have become a necessity to keep pace with the fast-growing smart transformation.” – Dr. Jamal AL Sumaiti, Director-General of Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI)

In the last few months the UAE has pointed out the importance of the technological development for the economy of the region and the need to regulate the use, production and commercialisation of drones keeping in mind the need to create a suitable environment that positions modern technology as a educational and economical cornerstone.

Taking into account the positive approach that the UAE has shown on the use and operation of drones, is unlikely that the position of the government and the regulators are too hard to bear. However, experts believe we sure should expect the need of prior approval from the aircraft regulator and maybe even a drones’ registry. What is yet to be confirmed is if the authorizations for the use and operation of drones will be general or categorized according the intended use of the device and the level of bureaucracy or requirements imposed over applicants.

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