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India is on the Verge of Issuing Drones’ Regulations

In the last few years India has shown that is ready to take the lead on technology development and a set of regulations applicable to the use and operation of drones couldn’t wait any longer.

Officials of Indian Government said on Monday that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the local aviation and aircrafts’ regulator, is in the process of developing a temporary set of guidelines for civil use of drones.

The official release date of the guidelines is unknown and doubts have arisen concerning the prohibition of using drones for commercial purposes in India. The fact that the DGCA has referred to the upcoming guidelines as regulations “for the civil use” of drones has raised some concerns. Indians fear that the commercial use of drones might be restricted or altogether prohibited. The DGCA has not addressed this matter and it seems that we will have to wait the release of the guidelines to find out.

On October 2014 the government prohibited the use and operation of drones in India under the allegation that common aircraft regulations were not applicable to drones and until proper regulations were issued.

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