Tuesday , March 28 2017
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Kitesurfing With Drones [VIDEO]

Randy Leavitt videoed this without any humans, using a kite-mount GoPro and land based Soloshot (GPS tracking). Music by Flo Rida “Good Feeling”. Mostly kitesurfing without footstraps. Mexico.

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Drones to Fight Global Warming and Deforestation

One of the main causes of global warming and the ongoing deforestation is the reduction of forests around the world. The “easy” solution is simply making sure that we plant more trees every year; however, planting a large amount of seed in a significant quantity is not that easy. Until ...

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Dancing with Drones [VIDEO]

The Japanese dance company ElevenPlay and the hacker Daito Manage have team up to record this amazing video. The dance is completely illuminated by three drones and recorded by another one in the back.

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Droner Replicates Star Wars’ Scout Trooper

Out of a mix of Star Wars and Drones cannot come up anything else that awesomeness. As I we need any more reasons to love drones, a creative droner replicated a Star Wars’ Scout Trooper and gave us one more reason get a drone! The hobbyist Adam Woodworth has turned one of ...

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