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Brazil to Issue Drone’s Regulations Before Rio 2016

The Brazilian government announced yesterday that a set of rules to regulate the commercial and civilian use of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAE) or drones is on the way. The regulations will be enacted before the Olympic Games of Rio 2016, which security measures have been reinforced.

There are rules in place about the use of drones. What we are missing is the diffusion of information” said Rafael José Botelho, spokesperson of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Secretary. And Mr. Botelho is right: Brasil already has a very general rules about the use of aerial vehicles that apply to drones. However, there is an impending need to establish a more precise set of regulations to understand clearly which are the rules of the game.

Brazilian drones have not been discouraged by the absence of special regulations, and have applied by “licenses” to fly aerial vehicles. In 2014 the Brazilian Department of Aerial Space Control received 108 license applications, and in the first three months of 2015 have received 38 applications. The Department of Aerial Space Control did not disclosed how many of the requested licenses were approved.

A Government official has declared that the rules seek to solve the main concerns arising from the widespread use of drones: possible violations of privacy, the usurpation of control of the aircraft and the personal and material damages that an accident can cause.

The Brazilian government has maintained a very conservative attitude towards the civilian and commercial use of drones and is unlikely that the regulations on the way change this significantly; however, government official has acknowledged that “the exponential increase in the use of drones is something that is going to happen”.

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