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Flying kites and Drones in Oregon [VIDEO]

Flying Kites and Drones Oregon 2014 is a Kitesurfing video filmed by Gopro-orgrapher, Drone Pilot and editor – Jennie Milton. using 100% gopro footage. Kitesurfer – Steve Schumm

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Drones in Nepal

Nepal has suffered its worst earthquake in 80 years. Across the affected region, which stretches into India and Tibet, the death toll may top 10,000., but official numbers won’t be known for a while. The poor Asian nation’s limited infrastructure has been stretched to the breaking point by overwhelming need, ...

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Drones to Fight Global Warming and Deforestation

One of the main causes of global warming and the ongoing deforestation is the reduction of forests around the world. The “easy” solution is simply making sure that we plant more trees every year; however, planting a large amount of seed in a significant quantity is not that easy. Until ...

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Drones are Conquering Asia

While the US has taken halting steps toward permitting companies to use drones for business purposes, some Asian countries have jumped right in and allowed both government and commercial uses. From pollution monitoring to crowd control to police investigations to even waiting on tables, drones have begun a long, slow ...

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Brazil to Issue Drone’s Regulations Before Rio 2016

The Brazilian government announced yesterday that a set of rules to regulate the commercial and civilian use of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAE) or drones is on the way. The regulations will be enacted before the Olympic Games of Rio 2016, which security measures have been reinforced. “There are rules in place about ...

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