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Mexico says “YES” to Drones

The Mexican government has given green light to the use of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones by public institutions, despite the absence of a specific regulations on the matter. The Comunications and Transports Secretary, The National Electricity Comission and the National Water Comission all have used drones to do ...

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Apple Drone Would Make an Amazing Keynote

Unnamed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones are evolving at a quicker pace than we ever though posible, and every day another industry finds a way to level up their game with the help of drones. Google is planing sending solar-powered drones to the skies in an attempt to bring web ...

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2015 Top 5 Drones Under $100

Today Drones comes in all shapes, sizes and also in al ranges of price. You can get a Phantom 1 or a DJI Inspire for a few hundred bucks or you could get a small Hubsan X4 or a Syma X5C4 for less than a $100. However, when price is ...

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Ambulance Drone Sounds like a Billion Dollar Idea

Alec Momont, a Dutch student of the Delft University of Technology, and his team have come up with an ambulance drone capable of flying to emergency calls within minutes. The drone is practically a flying defibrillator. The yellow-painted drone features six propellers divided across three arms, which enables the vehicle to ...

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Dancing with Drones [VIDEO]

The Japanese dance company ElevenPlay and the hacker Daito Manage have team up to record this amazing video. The dance is completely illuminated by three drones and recorded by another one in the back.

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Drones to Save Rhinos

Recently SANParks’ CEO, Fundisile Mketeni, announced that the South African Kruger National Park is in the process of implementing the use of drones to improve rhino protection within the park premises. South African authorities have tried for years to incarcerate poachers, who are responsable for the killing of 100,000 African ...

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